Welcome to the Mitochondrial Phospholipid Research Center a.k.a. the CLAYPOOL Lab in the Department of Physiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We are an eclectic group of scientists who recognize that phospholipids are really, really, really important. Although second in the cell with respect to its lipid synthesizing capacity, the mitochondrion is number one in our hearts. Using biochemical and cell biologic approaches, we seek to comprehensively understand any and all aspects of mitochondrial phospholipid metabolism as it relates to human health and disease.


What is your lab philosophy?
To identify important biological questions and then develop comprehensive and clever strategies to establish likely answers.  In other words, don’t suck.

How did your lab become a research center?
As a group, we made the decision that we were in fact not just a lab, but a center.
Dr. Claypool, how do you explain your dearth of awards?
Once you meet me, you’ll understand.

Photograph credit: Will Kirk (Johns Hopkins Medicine)







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